How Did George Washington Impact The World

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George Washington
Ms. von Topel
English 12
May 15, 2018

The first President of the United States George Washington once said, “The basis of our political system is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitutions of government”
(Brainy Quote). At this time the US was under control of the British. George Washington tried to protect his homeland. Also, George Washington made many decisions that impacted the US government. George Washington was an important and influential figure in history that had a positive impact on the world through his career in the military leading to his becoming the first President of the United States. To begin, George Washington had a hard time during his childhood. George Washington was born …show more content…

It all happens one day that he was riding his horse( Usel 21). He got a illness really strong that made him weaker and it killed him in December 14, 1799 ( Usel 21). He had a very strong impact during this time, and was elected be representative to the Virginia House of Burgesses ("George Washington." Biography In Context). He was with the idea of slavery, but he didn't like the idea of buying and selling of slaves ( Usel 11). He was against the Stamp Act in 1765 and argued against it, he was against it because he didn't like the idea of do taxes ( "George Washington." Biography In Context). Even though his education was limited, his knowledge made people believe in him(Chase). Washington did not have the advantage of more education, but he managed to study history and geography (Chase). George Washington's basic education and his experience was something very important in the militia militia in 1752 ( "George Washington." Biography In …show more content…

Since he was a young man, Washington began to do things to survive, things that made a great impact in his life ( Usel 9). He was influenced by almost all his family, and most of them were very important to the community during this time ( "George Washington." Biography In Context). He was influenced by people in his family, and he got into politics through the bond he made with his half-brother's father-in-law ("George Washington." Biography In Context). He married a rich woman that had two children that he treated just like as if they were his own blood ( Usel 11). He made many achievements that led him to be an outstanding person in life. He started to get a lot of power leading to his being elected ( Chase). He is considered the "father of the country" due to him being the first president of the U.S, and for guiding the country ( Chase). Washington grow a lot of plantation such as peaches, wheat, oats, and apples ( Usel 11). He had a good knowledge, and it was of all he knew that he was growing and getting more and better charges ( George Washington." Dictionary of American

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