How Did Gordon Liddy's Break-In?

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Like the theme of Creep, there was a public and private part of raising illegal funds for Nixon. With Stans becoming the finance Cahir of CREEP, CREEP managed to raise nearly twenty million dollars. Nineteen well known corporations made illegal contributions to the campaign. To make things worse, “one and one third million dollars of the pre- April 7 contribution came from persons Nixon latter appointed as U.S. Ambassadors.” (36) The Section of CREEP which spear headed the break-in was the group in charge of gathering and leaking information about critics of the Nixon administration. The man who headed this operation was Gordon Liddy. Liddy’s original plan consisted of break-ins, kidnappings, wiretapping, prostitutes, and mugging. After CREEP realized that the budget for this project was one million dollars. CREEP told Liddy to edit has draft. The draft excluded the kidnapping, mugging, and prostitutes making the budget five hundred thousand dollars. The first mission that to Watergate by Liddy’s team was undetected and unsuccessful. The second break-in which became to be known as the Water gate break-in was meant to fix the bugs from the first break-in. Before the break-in Liddy told his team “that Magruder wanted to learn whatever derogatory information O’Brien had about CREEP.”(39) …show more content…

I apologize for their actions and they will be dealt with.” Instead, he and the rest of his administration decided to cover- up and deny having any relationship with the break-in at Watergate. “The initial reaction of the White House and Creep to the Watergate break-in, from Nixon to John Mitchell down through the organizational structure, launched the administration on a course to commit additional crimes to hide CREEP’s involvement.”

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