How Did Hades Become The Greek

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Ruler of Tartarus

Screaming, crying, burning and horrible sounds of torture underground in the dark and gloomy underworld or also known as tartarus this is where the most infamous god of Greece ruled. Hades was the son of Cronus and Rhea and the brother of all famous Zeus and Poseidon. These gods all had a throne on mount olympus were the greeks believed they sat and watched upon them. Hades the sunless unwelcoming god also known as the god of wealth received the underworld why Zeus got the sky and Poseidon got the ocean this is what lead to hades to become the sinister ruler the Greeks believed in.

The Greeks had twelve gods each god did something for their society. The Greeks believed each god had a throne on top of mount olympus most of them did hades did not. The gods were worshiped by offering sacrifices and building great temples which were they worshiped the mighty kings all except Hades. The oldest of his brothers was known for being the most despicable troublesome god and his presence was not welcomed by gods nor man hades grew bitter and cold always tricking mortals and making the most dirty deals. This god of wealth was called this because all the fortunes and metals that lie beneath the earth he owned. He only had a wife to rule by his side for only one third of the year. Everything made hades …show more content…

Also they all got a kingdom Zeus gained the sky,poseidon inherited the sea, and hades secured the underworld where he would rule for eternity. Hades was often painted with his dog, wife, prong spear, crown or helmet, and heavily bearded with black hair. The cruel hades was not the one who came up with punishments for the guilty and he did not judge the souls of the dead to determine where they shall spend eternity. As cruel as he might seem he was not the one that came up with harsh punishments instead he supervised the dead (hades

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