Dipalus: The Legend Of Greek Mythology

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Long, long time ago a mountainous island was located in Greece. There lived a strong and handsome man called Dipalus. He had a gorgeous daughter called Malakulas . She got kidnapped by the evil Hades, the king of the underground world.

Dipalus wanted his beautiful daughter back. He decided to take risk and go to the underground world. Dipalus' father told him to go to Zeus first for an advice.

While Dipalus went to Zeus in Mt. Everest. Zeus told him that Hades is a devil monster with bloody face and nine legs. Hades was also very strong, and could beat anyone up. Zeus gave Dipalus the dream boots, arrows and the magical blanket. The magical blanket helped anyone be visible.

Dipalus kept on digging into the hard floor,

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