How Did Hernan Cortes Conquer Our Community And Empire

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First of all The Spanish were discovered the Aztec empire one year before their conquest and reached it . On the other hand, some native Americans in Tabasco tried to stop Hernan Cortes but in the end they gave up . After that Hernan Cortes started to control them and The native Americans supplied the Spanish with foods and what they needed. More over there were groups of people called Totonacs and Tlaxcala’s were against us and the Aztec rule , so Hernan courts exploited them and then they became allies for the Hernan courts army. Hernan courts controlled all of the cities in Aztec empires such as the capital Tenochtitlan , also he burned his ships to stop his army from going back to spain . The reasons why Hernan Cortes conquer our community and empire is because of the gold , silver , glory and greed .
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