How Did Imperialism Cause Ww1

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WW1 was a terrible war between the central powers; Germany, Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Empire against the allied powers; Great Britain, France, Russia and later joined by the U.S. and Italy. The main reason why all the countries got irate at each other was because of the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand the heir to Austria’s throne. But overall the main causes of WW1 were either Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism or Nationalism. I strongly believe that the cause that had the biggest impact on WW1 was Imperialism. My first reason on why Imperialism was the main cause of WW1 was because of geographic purposes. All of the central powers and allied powers were trying to be the most dominant and own the most territory. Those …show more content…

The Chinese have also made the exact chinese buildings that were originally made in some part of China.. Another conflict today that deals with imperialism is china trying to expand its coastal areas beyond china. The biggest target for china is the South China Sea which is primarily shared by Taiwan, Philippines,Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia.This shows signs of imperialism because all these countries share that sea and china is trying to make it primarily their own.“On top of china expanding their country, china is trying to develope a series of pearls. Or in other words, a series of military outposts in strategically important locations”. ( paragraph 3) Therefore these reasons show the conflict that is happening today with china and other countries. In conclusion, I strongly believe that the main cause of World War 1 was Imperialism. Imperialism was the main cause because of the geographic changes and the economic issues with all the countries. I’m not saying that being educated about WW1 will stop any war because war is inevitable but it is a start. It is a huge milestone because our country knows what would be in the long run after every little

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