How Did John Proctor Paid The Ultimate Price In The Crucible

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In the play The Crucible, John Proctor, the protagonist, pays the ultimate price in the end. In Salem, Massachusetts, at the time, if you were accused of witchcraft, the only way to save your life was to admit that you were guilty of committing witchcraft and that you would like to repent. Even if you never committed the crime, it was the only way to spare yourself from the gallows. John Proctor did not agree with this idea. He thought that it was better to die with honor and dignity than to live the life of a coward and liar. I, personally, agree with his decision. John Proctor was a simple farmer in Salem, Massachusetts. He lived a Christian lifestyle with his wife, Elizabeth, and two children. Despite this, he was not without his faults. John had committed adultery with the former maid of his household, Abigail Williams. Once Elizabeth had discovered this, she sent Abigail packing. For the longest time, John felt nothing but guilt for his actions. Even after Elizabeth had forgiven him, he still wouldn’t forgive himself. Despite Abigail being thrown from the Proctor household, few suspected the affair had ever taken place. John had a good reputation in the town, so he knew that he must tread carefully if it were to stay that way. …show more content…

His suspicions grew as more and more people were arrested for a crime they never committed. And then, he had discovered that his wife had been accused of witchcraft. It hit him almost immediately as to who had accused her, along with many others: Abigail Williams. He confronted her and threatened to end her life if she did not lift the accusation on his wife. This did not faze her, though. Abigail was in love with John, and the only thing she thought was in her way of being with him was Elizabeth. When Elizabeth was arrested, John knew the time for inaction was over. He knew that he had let her down once, and that he couldn’t do it

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