John Proctor Argumentative Essay On The Crucible

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Your reputation is everything, or at least to John Proctor it was. You want people to look at you in the best way possible. You also want to be honest and stand up for what is right. Even if someone wants you to do the wrong thing, you should stand up for what you know is right. That is exactly what John Proctor did. In the Salem community Proctor was looked at as a very honorable man. Yet, John Proctor was not a perfect guy by any means. He cheated on Elizabeth with Abigail, and sometimes he would get violent towards Elizabeth. He felt guilty about it all though and just could not forgive himself. Elizabeth also did not want to forgive John which led to their very unhealthy relationship. John confessing to the court showed how much of a trustworthy guy he could be. Now everyone looked at him as an adulterer but it relieved some of the guilt off of him. The crowd now knew that he was associated with Abigail and so they then assumed witchcraft. If Proctor would've confessed then he would …show more content…

The U.S. and USSR had a lot of tension between them leading to the U.S. not trusting or liking the USSR. The U.S. didn't trust anyone who was communist because of their threat to U.S. security. So anyone who got accused of being communist got executed. Just like in the Crucible, anyone who was part of witchcraft got hanged. During the Red Scare people would get accused of communism, if they were or not. They did everything to build up a good reputation so they were less likely to get accused. They stood up for what was right. If they believed in communism then they got executed. If they gave in and confessed then they didn’t get killed, and they were allowed to live. Just like in the Crucible, Proctor was not a part of the witchcraft. Yet, he just couldn’t lie and sign his name over. So he ended up not confessing which led to him getting executed because he stood up for what was

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