How Did King Arthur Followed The Code Of Chivalry

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The Middle Ages was a time with feudalism, chivalry and medieval romance. In the Middle Ages, every knight had to follow the code of chivalry. The code of chivalry was a code of behavior that all knights had to follow. There was many rules like honesty, loyalty, modesty, courtesy, and many more. If you followed all of these rules, you was considered a good knight. Sir Launcelot of King Arthur’s round table followed the code of chivalry the most. One way Sir Launcelot followed the code the most was that he was loyal. In “Sir Launcelot du Lake” Sir Launcelot, “ understand that I choose none you, lewd sorceresses that you are; rather will I die in this cell” (Mallory 1021). Sir Launcelot was sleeping under a tree until he woke up and found that he was captured by four queens. The four queens asked to choose one of them to be their lover. Sir Launcelot chooses none of the queens because he is in a courtly love relationship with Queen Guinevere, King Arthur’s wife. When a knight is in courtly love relationship with a woman, he must not choose another woman. He stays loyal to Queen …show more content…

Sir Launcelot realizes that he, “...might go in peace and good fellowship or otherwise fight to the death; but being the knight I am, I must tell you: I am Sir Launcelot du Lake…”(Mallory 1026). Sir Launcelot goes to Sir Tarquine to fight him and free the other captured knights. Sir Tarquine promises to let the other knights go if the knight he was fighting was not Sir Launcelot. Sir Launcelot was faced with a conflict whether to tell the truth or not. By following the code of chivalry, he tells the truth to Sir Tarquine even though his life is threatened. A knight has to be honest in any given situation, no matter the effect. If a knight did not tell the truth, the consequence was death. After the fight with Sir Tarquine, Sir Launcelot does something that still follows the code of

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