How Did Livingston Purchase The Louisiana Territory

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When purchasing the Louisiana Territory, President Jefferson faced the risk of being prosecuted for violation of the Constitution, which was different from Hamilton’s creation of a national bank because it was illegal. To begin, after the French acquired the Louisiana Territory 1802, Jefferson worried that the French would no longer allow American farmers passage on the Mississippi River or the right to trade at New Orleans, so he sent Robert Livingston to France to negotiate to purchase New Orleans. When Livingston arrived, he was surprised by France’s offer to sell the US the entire Louisiana Territory for just 15 million dollars. Livingston knew he was not authorized to purchase the territory but he also knew that if he waited to ask Congress, the deal might be gone already, so he purchased the territory. …show more content…

He also knew that he would need to justify this because it was technically a violation of the Constitution, since only Congress has the authority to negotiate treaties with foreign nations. By purchasing the Louisiana Territory, Jefferson faced the risk of punishment for violating the

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