How Did Lykurgos Change The Economy

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Lykurgos changed the politics the economy and all social aspects in Sparta. Many Philosophers, poets, and historian wrote about the Spartan strategies. Polybius was one of the main.In Polybius's day, he wrote many books about Sparta and their ways. Also how Sparta was one of the strongest and longest lasting communities. The main subject Polybius talked about was the equality of Sparta.“… the rulers must be distinguished from their subjects by a peculiar dress, that there should be a beautiful luxury and variety in the dressing and serving of their viands, and that they should meet in no denial in the pursuit of their amours, however lawless” (Polybius, Histories, 6.8). Polybius was stating how rulers and or wealthy, powerful men and women needed to be distinguished from the other people. Those rich and more powerful men and women then were to become corrupt because they thought since they were wealthy they were allowed to avoid …show more content…

Xenophon had written about Lykurgos and how he changed the political ways of Sparta.“ the magistrates and the laws is found in the highest degree and Sparta”(Xenophon’s, Constitution of the Lacedaemonians, 8.1 ). Sparta was one of the most obedient and strong communities in Greece because they have a good and high law. This was imperative that Lykurgos did this because if he did not, Sparta was done and no longer lived because of how chaotic it was there.Lykurgos built such a strong law system because of checks and balances he used with magistrates and senate. He built all these bases of Sparta with elders who knew what it was like to live through a war. For this reason, if you were to become a magistrate you were thought high of by the community because you knew what was needed. This made the elders of the Spartan community become elders. Using this method, Lykurgos was able to build adamant future generations because the young were always monitored by the wise and knowledgeable

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