Why Was Pericles Essential For The Athenian Golden Age?

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One thing that led to the Athenian Golden Age is Pericle's rise to power. Pericles was an Athenian leader, statesmen, and general(History.com Staff., 2009). I will attempt to explain how Pericles was essential for Athens Golden Age.

Pericles lived from 495-429 BCE(Lewis, D. M., 2018,). He became the leader of the democratic party after the death of Ephialtes in 461. He would hold public office for most of his life, from 461 to 429, when he died(History.com Staff., 2009). Pericles would become the leader of Athens within his lifetime, holding the most power and say in the running of the city. He would continue to encourage democratic ideas, the pursuit of the arts and science, and seek to keep peace in Athens. He died during the Spartan siege of …show more content…

He sought to incorporate more democratic institutions in Athens, doing away with the old oligarchy system.
3. He was a military general during several of Athens wars, including the Persian and Peloponnesian wars.
His leadership allowed for Athens to pursue the arts and allowing for free-thought. He instituted democracy and allowed for people to have a say in how the city was run. Without these things, Athens could never have entered the Golden Age and would have remained just another polis in the great fabric of Greek history.

"All who have taken it upon themselves to rule over others have incurred hatred and unpopularity for a time; but if one has a great aim to pursue, this burden of envy must be accepted, and it is wise to accept it." (Pericles, n.d). Pericles did not rule merely because he thought he was the best, or because he thought some god had designed him to be in charge. He ruled because he thought the ideas he held would help the people. He believed that democracy, the arts, and philosophy would allow the people gain freedom and assist Athens in rising to glory. Under Pericles leadership, Athens would experience its Golden Age, proving that Pericles was right in his ideas and

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