How Did Martha Washington Contribute To The American Revolution

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Countless amounts of men and woman altered the Revolutionary War. The revolution Most people when thinking of the revolution they often think of the famous heroic figures; George Washington and ect., but was it just George Washington? Endless amounts of untold heroes shaped the revolution. Just like the revolutionary figure Martha Washington. This heroine helped the revolution as we know it. Martha was a symbol to the patriot public. As well as a blessing during times of peril for soldiers at camp and for her own husband. Through times of hardships she still prevailed as said in her own words, “I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned the greater part of our misery or unhappiness …show more content…

Wherever Martha Washington went she was well accepted among the people. She spent time among many famous people. Martha played a very big role in the reaching out to the woman of the revolution. She convinced many women to give either food or money. Martha might have also contributed to the document “Sentiments of an American Woman.” This document was given to the women of the revolution to arouse them to reach out to the men and soldiers of the revolution as the quote follows “The time is arrived to display the same sentiments which animated us at the beginning of the Revolution, when we renounced the use of teas, however agreeable to our taste, rather than receive them from our persecutors; when we made it appear to them that we placed former necessaries in the rank of superfluities, when our liberty was interested; when our republican and laborious hands spun the flax, prepared the linen intended for the use of our soldiers; when exiles and fugitives we supported with courage all the evils which are the concomitants of war.” Many ladies were inspired by this act and continued to give money toward the revolution along with different necessities. Martha was said to have given 6,000 pounds (20,000 dollars) to the revolution funds. Through her lifelong symbol of a true American people may always say she was truly a symbol to the

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