Explain How Harriet Tubman How Did Popular Sovereignty Help To Abolish Slavery

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The Diverse Politics of Slavery Key Words/ Terms Significance/ Definition Secession: Explain what secession means? Popular Sovereignty: How did popular sovereignty help to abolish slavery? Underground Railroad: What motive is there to use the underground railroads? Harriet Tubman: Who was Harriet Tubman? Secession is the means to withdraw one’s self from a federal union or other affiliated group. The southern secession was the separation of 11 states moving from the Union to the Confederate States Popular sovereignty helped the Union and the Confederates compromise by allowing the right to vote for or against slavery knowing that the popular vote would be to be against slavery, aiding in the final decision. The motive to use the …show more content…

This battle of Gettysburg was deemed to be the most important battle in the civil war as it took a major turn. The confederates were able to fight back and become victorious over the Union in a very important two day battle. The Gettysburg address took place in order to dedicate a cemetery in Gettysburg for the fallen soldiers. Lincoln’s speech changed the entire mindset of the nation from believe that the states are all individuals fight against each other. Now after, people began to see the United States as a united nation. Grant was aiming to take down Vicksburg as it was one of the last two strongholds left in the confederate states. However, he wanted this one more because it would grant him the ability to control all water traffic in that area with their weapons an control that land for a long time. William Tecumseh Sherman was able to change the course of the war in the way he was able to work and think with Grant. Both of the commander believed that if they could destroy the southern people’s will to continue to fight they would cause the Confederation to collapse. By doing so they were able take major steps in ending the

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