How Did Susan B Anthony Impact Society

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Susan B Anthony is one of the most influential people of all time; ending slavery, while starting the movement for women's rights. She dedicated her life to create equality, for races and genders. Through petitions and speeches, she rose awareness about these situations, causing more people to speak against it. Her actions caused many organizations to rise, showing that many others supported her. Susan B Anthony changed history, and left a great legacy. Susan B Anthony became an influential activist at an early age. In her first years, she fought against racism and slavery using petitions as her main force. As time passed, she became well known, and was chosen as an agent for the american anti-slavery society. As an agent, she organized meetings across the state of New York; presenting speeches, to sway many opinions.It was amazing how strong of an inpact …show more content…

Her death set off a chain of events, which lead to the equality of women. The first changed involves legal rights for married wives. Women were finally able to own property and keep it as their own.They were allowed to stop the sale of their property and the family's property. This was a huge change at the time. Before, everything they owned went to the husband. They had no power at all involving the property.This gave women a sense of equality. Decades later, women were given more rights in the form of changes in education. Women were allowed to pursue higher education, which lead to thousands attending colleges and universities. Susan B Anthony was a major force behind this change. Soon after, the 19th amendment was passed. This article gave women the right to vote. It was popularly named after her, since the actions she made lead up to this event. “There will never be complete equality till women themselves help make laws and elect lawmakers.” Her legacy achieved this quote; women were allowed to work in the senate, and were allowed to

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