How Did The American Colonists Pull Off The Upset Vs Great Britain

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American Colonists Pull-Off the Upset vs. Great Britain
Did you know that at the beginning of the War of Independence, the Colonists did not have an army fully established (Facts)? Great Britain’s population was triple the size of the colonists and the British already had an established army. The British were also wealthy. They were able to fund all of their costs for fighting in wars. The British had all of the necessary resources to defeat the colonists. The British outnumbered the colonists with soldiers, money, and weapons. It appeared that the American Colonists did not have a chance against the British. If a neutral person were to place a wager on the outcome of the War of Independence between the British and the Colonists, chances are …show more content…

This was an advantage for Great Britain because they were able to recruit a large number of people to battle against the colonists. Secondly, Great Britain’s military had structure, which intimidated other countries. Many of Great Britain’s soldiers were well trained and had experienced fighting in war in the past with the French (Kelly, 2014). Great Britain looks attractive to place a bet on to defeat the colonists, but their weaknesses would help them lose this battle. According to John Ferling, the British did underestimate the colonists in battle (Ferling, 2010). Their soldiers were constantly hungry and thought the British militia system was impractical (Ferling, 2010). Many people from Great Britain would be joyful when the American Colonists …show more content…

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