How Did The American Revolution Contribute To The French Revolution

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The French Revolution of 1789 was a period of political and social upheaval. The Revolution overthrew the monarchy and established a republic. Inspired by liberal and radical ideas, it altered the course of modern history. It lasted from 1789 until 1799. It had several contributions leading to the outbreak of the revolution. One of the factors was the American Revolution that had a great influence in the coming of the French Revolution. The third estate feeling discontent, the ideas from the Enlightenment, and the wanting to destroy the ancient regime played roles. Also, multiple social statuses, intellectual ideas, political issues, economic conditions, and Napoleon Bonaparte all contributed highly to the outbreak. France was divided into three social classes. The first estate which was the clergy, the second was the nobility, and the third was the commoners, and the king was not considered to be a part of any of the estates. The first estate said that the constitution never needed reform (The Clergy). They believed that the nobility ought to be assured of their prerogatives and distinctions in the state (The Clergy). It was influenced by enlightenment and intellectual ideas. Such as popular sovereignty and inalienable rights. Some wanted moderation others did not and the ideas of the enlightenment were that they could change the world and make it a better place. The Third Estate simply wanted to be treated as equals and for their …show more content…

A lot of people say his rise in power started everything (Madame). He dictated with such great ease (Madame). He had really bad handwriting so he never wrote things for himself (Madame). He also never repeated himself, even if what he said had not been heard (Madame). He was an angry man who found pleasure in causing people uneasiness and distress (Madame). He had a rapturous army and he fought several battles that became so deadly

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