How Did The Articles Of Confederation Have A Balance Of Power

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Noah Stevens
Professor James Maggio
POS 1041
30 September 2016

Over three-hundred years ago The United States had to quickly make a constitution, and decided upon the Articles of Confederation. The United States started out like an experiment for the World. This experiment was what our Government will become, there was not a defined path on what our future will behold. The path to present day for The United States was a rough one, but the experiment turned out to be a success in the end. One of these rough patches was the Articles of Confederation, which taught us that a balance of power is of great importance. We abandoned the Articles of Confederation and adopted a new Constitution because of State powers, and lack of Congressional powers.
The fear of a Central Government like Great Britain led The United States away from having such a strong Central Government. So the States were given autonomy to make most decisions & have many powers under early American Government. The States could never be enforced to do anything, except for war and closing borders, the States could …show more content…

Congress could not enforce states to pay taxes. In many cases when Congress asked states for taxes for military reasons, the states would not pay anything. Due to the lack of taxes, many War Veterans from the Revolutionary Army who were promised payment from the Government were barely given anything back, this ultimately lead to protests and rebellions. Congress could not do anything about these rebellions and protests because of their lack of funding from the states, and control over the states, so the States ultimately had to deal with this themselves. The United States then quickly made the new Constitution which balanced the power between the State and Congress. With this new system keeps both in check, to make sure the system is not being abused, and people are not being

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