How Did The Aztecs Become A Complex North American Society

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The Aztecs and Incans were very complex people who lived in a time with very few complex ideas and inventions. They show where they belong in the social class, and what god or gods they believe in. What the most important resource is that they use to help them live in the time they did. This summary will show you what they lived on and how they survived through tough times. Also compare how they lived as a group and how we live as a group today. Complex North American societies were linked through culture and economics. The Mississippian Trade Network is the trade network that linked the Rockies to the Atlantic and the Great Lakes to the Gulf. At potlatch ceremonies the wealthy gave gifts to demonstrate status. But, the North American cultures …show more content…

They live in Southern Mexico and Northern Central America. The land and vegetation of this region vary. The Maya culture is influenced by Olmec civilization. Farming success leads to the rise of social classes. The High Class includes the King, holy figure; priests, and warriors. The Middle Class includes merchants and artisans. The Lowest Class included the peasants during the time. Then the Aztecs control Central Mexico through alliances and conquest and created a powerful empire in Mexico. The mountain basin was 7,500 feet above sea level. It also included large lakes and fertile soil. The Triple Alliance was a 1428 agreement of the Aztecs and two other city-states. By the early 1500s the Aztecs have a large empire and rule about 5 to 15 million people. The Inca builds a vast empire supported by taxes, governed by bureaucracy, and linked by road systems. Pachacuti was a powerful and ambitious emperor who takes control in 1438. Under Pachacuti the Inca conquered lands holding up to 16 million people. For the Inca’s government all they really did was divide and conquer lands into smaller units to govern more easily. This empire was more of a mountain empire because of how the empire was around

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