How Did The Enlightenment Influence America

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Before the Enlightenment, Around 1754, America was under Great Britain's government. Britain gave America no freedom and nor did they give them a good lifestyle. America became furious with Great Britain when Britain tried to gain more control and began sending troops to the America and forced American people to let the troops stay in their homes. America was also forced to pay taxes which led to the Taxation Act. After suffering with the British America discovered the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment Influence America to a great extent in many ways. One way that the Enlightenment Influenced America was that it brought liberty. Liberty stood for many reasons in the Enlightenment. One way liberty was important to America was the freedom of religion. America felt that the freedom of religion added onto there meaning of freedom in there country. It allowed people to practice and share their own beliefs. Liberty also meant the freedom of press which was helpful for the Enlightenment writers and influenced politicians and readers. Liberty also took a stand for freedom from unreasonable government. This was extremely important to the Americas because they where under an unreasonable Great Britain government. The Enlightenment also influenced equality in America. John Locke was a philosopher that loved the idea of equality. He stated that everyone …show more content…

When America was under British ruling they didn’t get any rights. Without rights they didn’t have a saying in any thing the British applied to them. Now with the individual rights people can have there right to speak and let their voices be heard. They can practice their own religions. They have their rights to keep and bear arms. They also have the right to assembly and petition. This is important to America because it allows people to live freely and allow them have a saying in any policy the government might try to apply to our

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