How Did The Great Depression Affect Minorities

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The Great Depression had a major impact on minorities, as well as woman. The Great Depression affected many people, but the major problem during this time was the racial discrimination. Racial discrimination was widespread which led to minorities to lose their jobs first due to their race, and also denying them equal opportunity for participation in recover programs. Woman was also affected by being left alone due to men looking for employment in other cities, and in worst cases deserting them altogether. As the stock markets began declining which soon led to the stock market crashing where the wealthy became average individuals overnight. During this time this was marked as the beginning stages of the great depression. With the great depression affecting the …show more content…

As well as being threatened before even entering the programs. With the racial discrimination being an issue already minorities felt the first impact of the great depression, because they were first target when it came to job losses. Even though minorities worked hard they were the first ones to lose jobs, and small businesses. When the union membership where being offered minorities were often excluded to this benefit, and unions influenced Congress to keep antidiscrimination requirements out of New Deal laws. In deep frustration many minority citizens called new programs a "raw deal" instead of a "new deal." So, now they many citizens were now competing for any jobs that are available with these jobs being scarce minorities were being denied for any of the opportunities available. With the whites having the advantage over other races due to the fact minorities were being blamed because they were willing to work for low rates. It was hard being a minorities trying to succeed during the Great Depression, but the worse was being a woman

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