How Did The Klu Klux Klan A Social Impact?

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The Klu Klux Klan one of the most terrifying racial groups in America. The KKK is a racist group that many African American people fear. The KKK is known for its tragic homicides and deadly beatings to gays,blacks and jews. The KKK was first founded in December 24, 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee and was created by Richard R. Reed. Many of these KKK members have normal lives and good jobs but dislike the African American race. As a result the Ku Klux Klan changed civil rights in a dramatic way!
What was the KKK’s social impact?
The KKK had a very big social impact in the early 1800’s. Many KKK members were state officials and lawyers that were against blacks and jews also gays. The KKK marched in many parades and protests. Many of the protests were whites only protest and lasted for up to 12 hours of marching. The KKK recruited children into their whites only clan, even children that were the age of 2 were still getting recruited into the clan.
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The KKK is created from a group of confederate veterans that worked together to create a secret society which is now known as the KKK.The KKK is a large racist group that is against mainly blacks,jews,gays and whites that had affairs with black women. During the 1800’s the KKK was most active with back to back homicides every day. The KKK protest black rights and believe that there should only be one race in the world and that is the white race. Many blacks were killed and lynched during that time/ in the 1800’s, later in the 1900’s the United States banned lynchings unless ruled by the government. The government didn’t have much ruling over the KKK as they were still lynching people in the 1850’s. Many people were afraid of this clan of people and many were protesters and were willing to give their life to end the racism and hatred in

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