How Did The Renaissance Affect Society

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The Renaissance was a period of great advancement throughout Europe. It lasted from the 14th century to the 17th century. The Renaissance heavily affected Europe’s society in many ways. The Renaissance affected society by changing art, education, and Christianity .
Popular artworks were created during the renaissance, which inspired the artists through humanism and religious beliefs. Humanism was the movement that focused primarily on the individual; humanist artists focused on correctly painting human anatomy or body. Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo were recorded to dissect human bodies in order to paint and depict the body more accurately in artworks. Now that realism was heavily represented in many artworks, more portraits of biblical figures were painted on walls and …show more content…

Protestant reformation from the Catholic church resulted in many different Christian denominations. The Catholic church was seen to be using its power unfairly, so a group of people like Martin Luther and John Calvin created their own general ideas of the Christian religion . Christian humanists were affected by the renaissance by creating the belief of individual improvement and the humanities of Jesus. Instead of listening to the Pope, Christian Humanists learned that they could read the Bibles themselves and fix themselves according to how they interpret the Bible. In all, Christianity changed because of protestant reformation and the creation of Christian humanism.
Overall, Renaissance society heavily influenced art, education, and Christianity . Art was affected by humanism and religious belief. Education changed because of a wealthier middle class and revival of Roman and Greek philosophies. Christianity was shaped by the Renaissance through protestant reformation and Christian humanism. As has been noted, the Renaissance heavily affected society for the 14th through 17th

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