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As Europe exited the Middle Ages, an era known as the Renaissance began, which was the most influential period of European history, and the effects of this era can still be felt today. The Renaissance, which is French for “rebirth,” was a period of prosperity and cultural revival in Europe. As feudalism broke down and learning spread, the main topics strayed away from religion to other ideals. The Renaissance notably changed man’s perspective of both himself and the world around him. As education became more accessible during the Renaissance, people’s lives began to stop revolving around religion, and instead focused on art, literature, and science.

Prior to the Renaissance, art was centered around religion and biblical figures, but as patrons began to become more common, the norm for art began to shift. “Madonna Enthroned Between Two Angels,” by Duccio di Buoninsegna, as shown in Document A, depicts Mary holding a baby Jesus. The unproportionate and dull colors of the painting …show more content…

An English play named “Everyman” by an unknown author notes that “For ye shall hear, how our Heaven-King calleth Everyman to a general reckoning.” This quote details the general belief of the time that one’s entire life leads up to deciding if they end up in heaven or hell. In contrast, “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, one of the most influential writers of the Renaissance, greatly praises the average person, as detailed in the lines “What a piece of work is a man!...the paragon of animals!” This excerpt idolizes man in a similar manner to how man idolizes god, showcasing the viewpoint of humanism. Humanism is the belief that human life should take priority over the divine, and as it spread throughout Europe, religion began to become a much less significant aspect of people’s

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