How Did The Revolutionary War Cause The American Revolution

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The colonists were mad because the British were controlling everything that the colonists were doing. The British were controlling all there trade and industry. Making new laws and acts to keep the colonists in check and by passing parliament. The British were basically treating the colonists like slaves The British took every chance to have most control over the goods being made in America and being brought into America. They controlled most trade routes and had the power to control is certain goods were allowed in. The colonists did like the idea of their trade and basically there main way of income to be control. So they started to push back and go against the British. The British didn’t like the idea of their new world pushing back. So they started to make new laws and acts to try and push them back and suppress the colonists. This did not work as well as the British thought it would it made it worse and made the colony’s want to fight back more for there freedom.…show more content…
they started fighting politically until the British started moving more troops into the colony’s. Then the Boston massacre happened when colonists were shot in the streets of Boston by British troops. This is another reason the revolutionary war was
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