How Did The Seneca Falls Convention Contribute To Women's Rights In History

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In the early 1800’s women had basically no individual rights. Everything a woman owned, the government viewed it as her husband’s property. Women of this time were being treated completely unfair. The women of Seneca Falls, New York grew tired of having no rights. Thus, began the Seneca Falls Convention, located in Seneca Falls, New York, which will always be known as the first ever women’s rights movement in the history of the United States. Many events led to the historical meeting of over 200 women fighting for their rights. In the early 1840’s, Seneca Falls becomes a booming town due to a new railroad system. The new trains provided more efficient ways for goods to travel. The railroad system brought in a variety of new ideas and people into the town. …show more content…

After the convention, some women of Rochester, a neighboring town, decided they wanted to have a sequel convention in their own hometown. This convention was also a success. Several other activists joined the women of Seneca Falls and began spreading the news of the Declaration of Sentiments through any form of media possible at the time. The Seneca Falls Convention encouraged discussions about women’s suffrage at other major events, as well. Women became extremely determined to receive the same equal rights as men receive. The Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 will always be a day that women in the United States remember in history. This convention, and the women that were brave enough to make it happen, is the reason women have the rights we do today. This convention is the spark that influenced women to gain the nineteenth amendment of the right to vote in the 1920’s. This convention is the reason women can run for political office. It is the reason a woman can run for president. This convention is the exact reason women are no longer looked at as property, and for that women everywhere should always be

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