How Do African Americans Face Racial Discrimination

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Do African American people still face racial discrimination for getting a job or even getting their basic rights in The United States of America? Many incidents in our daily life prove that African American still faces discrimination than white people faces. According to the poll from the public religion research institute, “Over 85% people still feel that African American people get discriminated to get the basic rights. But not many white people agree to this. Only 49% of the white people believes that African American does not face racial discrimination at any place”( For many years, African American did not got the rights that they deserve, and because of that, they were barely making the livings in the United States for many years prior the ending of the discrimination against the color of the skin. Which made them low-income and because of that much crime were happening in the African American community. But even after many decades, many people still discriminate against the color of…show more content…
According to the poll from CNN/ORC, only “81% in United States believed that black people have equally chance as white people in the communities which they are qualified for it, but only 46% of black people believed that they have equally chances as white people get for the same job they’re qualified for it”( The progress toward the racial discriminations is good ,but it still has a long way to go in The United States. African-American expression more discrimination in collages than in high school. They even feel that out justice system are unfairly toward African-American because they favored white people. Also, police treated African-American unfairly and stopped them without any reason. They get stopped because of their skin, color or nationality. Police mostly target young people than elderly black people (age. 65 or more). As you can see in the

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