Race Relations In African American Society

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Race seemed to have lost its persuasiveness in the political scene during the early 2000s. During the George Bush administration era, the republicans had the highest number of African American and Latino votes the party has ever had, “ reversing a decades-long trend” . (Vance J.D) While this is a change for the better the majority of the white working class believed that the next generation wouldn't be better off compared to the predicament they were currently in. Also during this time “neighborhoods grew increasingly segregated” by race and financial status, so that the poor lived with poor, blacks lived with blacks, whites lived with whites, etc. The race relations in America has been in an unstable condition since America's origins. There has…show more content…
In the most recent years following the death of Michael Brown, “America has seen its share of racial disquiet” (Myers, Margaret) With Brown's death by the hands of a white police officer came weeks of protesting for the imprisonment of the police officer who shot and killed him and “drew attention to a brand new civil rights campaign for the modern era: Black Lives Matter.” (Myers, Margaret) With the uprise of the civil rights campaign “Black Lives Matter” there was a increase of “enlightened” citizens who once believed that race relations in America was frictionless and improving to now seeing that there are a lot of issues that are being swept under the rug by politicians and social media. A study was taking by regular American citizens about basic topics of equality in America and their thoughts about it. The study showed that “56 percent of African Americans and 31 percent of whites” believe that the media hasn't brought enough attention to racial issues in America. On the other hand, “33 percent of whites and 19 percent of African Americans” thinks the media talks to much about race in

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