How Does Anne Frank Change

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The book Anne Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl teaches readers about the transformation of a young girl during WWII. She matures greatly throughout her diary. She also develops a genuine relationship with another Jew hiding with her, Peter. Through the despair and hopeless times in the Annex, Anne finds a way to discover things about others and even herself that she never knew before. Anne is hiding in the Annex along with The Van Daans and her family. Throughout her diary, readers can see that Anne is very opinionated. She definitely has many opinions about Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan. She thinks that Mrs. Van Daan is selfish, stubborn, and an attention seeker. Mrs. Van Daan criticizes the way Anne is being raised and says that if she was her mother, …show more content…

Peter Van Daan made the biggest influence on Anne. At first, Peter was an awkward, clumsy boy that Anne despises. She learns that a person can be greater than their flaws. “He used to think I was unbearable; and I returned the compliment; now I have changed my opinion, has he changed his too?” (171) She find that Peter’s flaws are what makes her like Peter. She grows as a reader, wanting to read older, more mature books. She has always wanted to be as privileged as much as her older sister, but she was not old enough. This really taught Anne that she needed to ‘prove’ herself to be mature like Margot. “ Margot was reading a book with lovely drawings in it; she got up and went up stairs, put the book down ready to go on with it later. I wasn’t doing anything, so I picked up the book and started looking at the pictures. Margot came back, saw “her” book in my hands, wrinkled her forehead and asked for the book back. Just because I wanted to go a little further on, Margot got more and more angry. Then Mummy joined in, “Give the book to Margot, she was reading it,” she said” (43,44). She wants to be more like her older sister Margot, and have the privilege to read more complex

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