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Table of Contents OVERVIEW 3 1. ECONOMY OF UAE 3 2. HISTORY OF AVIATION INDUSTRY IN UAE 4 3. IMPACT OF AVIATION INDUSTRY ON UAE ECONOMY 4 3.1 Consumer Benefits 5 3.2 Connectivity benefit 5 3.3 Contribution to GDP 6 3.4 Employment Growth 8 3.5 UAE Tourism Growth 8 3.6 Dubai Expo 2020 Effect 8 CONCLUSION 9 Objectives of the Study This report aims to study the brief economic history of aviation industry in UAE, the present scenario and the future forecast of the growth of aviation sector in UAE. As per the outline of the report, this report will show light on the contribution of aviation sector on GDP of UAE, consumer benefits, growth of tourism and trade with respect to growth in aviation sector. Research Methodology Overview In nineteenth…show more content…
Dubai International Airport had completed ten years by 1971 with limited operations around serving 20 destinations by few airlines. Milestones of Aviation Industry in last four decades: Image –1 Source: www.cpc.gov.ae. “UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: 40 Years of Progress” Image –2 Source: www.cpc.gov.ae. “UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: 40 Years of Progress” 2. Impact of Aviation Industry on UAE Economy “The Gulf area has prospered from big thinking on aviation. In the UAE, for example, a study by Oxford Economics recently concluded that aviation supports some 15 per cent of GDP and 14 per cent of total employment,” Tony Tyler, Director-General and Chief Executive of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Aviation industry in the Middle East makes up around 20% of their GDP. In last ten years the use of air travel has increased at the rate of 7% per year. International Air Transport Association (IATA) has forecasted that despite the post financial crisis phase, the international air industry is expected to grow by around 6.6% out of which Middle East Airlines will collectively grow at a 10%

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