How Does Beowulf Show Loyalty

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Beowulf Battles How far would one go to show loyalty? A hero would risk his life and glory for a proven loyalty status. In the Heroic Poem Beowulf by an Anglo-Saxon writer, the main character Beowulf attempts to show his loyalty through his heroic actions. His attempts may or may not be successful. His loyalty could be supernatural, relating to his unknown supernatural powers. Therefore, Beowulf tries to prove himself a hero through his three conflictual battles; the Battle with Grendel, the Battle with Grendel's mother, and the final battle with the Dragon. Beowulf proved himself a hero in the Battle with Grendel by showing immense strength. He was so confident in himself that he said, “Why would I let my sword go where my feet are afraid to,”(170); therefore, he was courageous enough to fight the powerful monster with his bare hands. His confidence leads his supernatural abilities to work as Beowulf overpowers Grendel and tears off his arm, “He twisted in pain and the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder snapped, muscle and bone split and broke.” (337-340). The suffering from this gruesome injury displays Beowulf's god-like strength and pure …show more content…

“Her visit ended their good fortune reversed the bright vane of their luck,”(399); this quote describes her quest to kill the monster. This quest for murder is not going to be easy as the monster is a savage, but King Grothgar gifted Beowulf a magical sword that is capable of cutting through the skin of the monster preparing him for battle, Grendel's mother was also preparing. Grendel's mother was fierce, “ With her clutching claws wildly tearing at him,” (497-498); as she fought with the monster. Beowulf steps in, with a single blow of the magical sword, and kills the monster. Beowulf hung the monster's head in the mead hall as a victory sign. This shows the bravery of Beowulf to step forward and take things

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