How Does Bissinger Present The Life Of Football Players In Permian High?

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Today, the world struggles with racism and hardships. These hardships can be influenced by many situations. For example, sports. Sports play a huge role in the hardships we face day to day. Football specifically portrays these adversities. In H.G. Bissinger's Friday Night Lights, he conveys the central idea of racism and academic hardship within Permian High through diction, characterization, and tone. Racism still affects people in the world today. H.G. Bissinger portrays this through diction, characterization, and tone throughout Friday Night Lights. Bissinger uses football to portray the life of football players. Throughout the novel, Bissinger gives examples and stories of how racism occurred in and out of the field. As well as, how it mentally affected the football players of Permian High. For example, “But once we get off the field we’re not equal. When it comes time to play the game, we are a part of it. But after the game, we are not a part of it.” This quote shows how black football players felt due to the negativity they received. Even though black football players were a part of the team, they were still treated unequally. …show more content…

Football players' inner selves were taken advantage of throughout their football careers. Many football players did not have hope for their future because of the people who talked down on them. For example, “And some in town, all white, gleefully suggested that Boobie Miles, without the ability to carry a football in his hand, might as well get a broom and start preparing for his other destiny in life-learning how to sweep the corners of storerooms.” People believed that since Boobie had an injury, he meant nothing to the world. This led Boobie Miles to believe that if he couldn’t help the team, then he meant nothing. This shows only a portion of how people treated

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