How Does Chris Mccandless Have A Personal Response To Into The Wild

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Into The Wild is a story, by Jon Krakauer, about a man named Chris McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp, and his journey to the Alaskan frontier and the people he had met on the way over there. Chris was a very well educated and simple man, however, due to his troubled relationships with his parents and the lifestyle that he was given growing up, he had decided to take matters into his own hands begin a treacherous journey all the way to the Alaskan frontier. McCandless dropped everything, left his apartment, no note, nothing. Some may think, good for McCandless, he is carrying out his own happiness, or he is man enough to do things on his own. Me personally, I believe that it was very idiotic of him to just leave. It would be different if he vacationed up there for a while, but to hitchhike all the way there, I don’t understand, why? Chris may have been a very smart and well educated man, but it also seemed as if he didn’t know too much about common sense. …show more content…

The only way he kept going on for so long, was his “knowledge” in the plants and which ones were okay to eat and which one weren’t. He carried a .22 caliber rifle with him in order to kill game that were around. If you ask me, I know a .22 can kill some birds, ducks, rabbits, small things like that. However, in Alaska, there are bears, moose, boar, wolves, just to name a do you really think that a .22 will have enough firepower to kill either one within one shot or two if the animal is big enough. Chris was unprepared, not aware of his surroundings and he didn’t realize how much trouble he got himself into just by stepping a single foot into the wilderness. He also had the nerve to go and abandon his car and burn all of his money that he had left on him, I also find that very idiotic of him to be

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