How Is Chris Mccandless Selfish

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Into the Wild is a point of view experience in the travels of Chris McCandless. There is an up lose and personal encounter of all of Chris’s characteristics and decisions. Chris was very unorthodox and had a different way of taking on obstacles along his journey. He did not have many friends, always keeping to himself all through college at Emory University. But this does not define Chris for he was able to make friends on his journey to Alaska showing he was right in the mind and aware of his position in life. Chris was definitely a one of a kind being. Chris McCandless was a very antisocial person, always avoiding the social norms and following his own path. He had excellent grades but did not even want to go to college. Forced by his father, Walt McCandless, Chris attended Emory University where've made the deans list and graduated in four …show more content…

Well h tends to surprise people as he donated all of his tuition money to a starvation foundation known as OXFAM. That does not seem very antisocial due to the fact it was a sum of $24,000 going towards a part of society that needs food and closure. Maybe that makes Chris just a very considerate person. But considerate to a fault as he abandons his family with no warning, venturing out to Alaska. There seems to be no acknowledgement towards how his family will react if he is missing or even dead. But as incompetent as McCandless is, he did not think he was going to die as he felt he was prepared enough with a bag of rice, his book on edible berries, and his rifle for hunting. That's where his stubbornness plays in as he would have needed way more nutrients to survive in Alaska. “McCandless spoke frequently to the denizens of the slabs about his plans for Alaska” (45). This shows Chris was fast on the trigger and did not take much time to prepare for the fierceness of

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