How Does Daisy Buchanan Influence Gatsby's Life

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F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” He uses what happens in his life to inspire his writing. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald uses his experiences with Zelda, his wife, and his own to influence the Buchanan’s and Gatsby’s lifestyle. The Fitzgeralds and Buchanans are very similar. With the knowledge from Scott and Zelda’s background, they compare very much to Tom and Daisy’s marriage. For example, the Fitzgerald's travel to many places just like the Buchanans do, “living at various times in several different cities in Italy, France, Switzerland, and eight of the United States”( citation ). They travel just as much as Tom and Daisy. We know this because in the Great Gatsby, Daisy tells Nick how she's been everywhere with Tom, “ ‘I’ve been everywhere and seen everything and done everything’” ( Fitzgerald p17). Another thing that the two couples have in common is their relationships. Both couples show that they have a loving, but unstable relationship. For each couple, there is either an illness or dishonesty. For instance, Tom cheats on Daisy with “some woman in New York” (Fitzgerald p15). Even though Tom does cheat on Daisy, he …show more content…

Both of their life's consist of parties. For example, Scott goes to parties and starts, “drinking from hip flasks, dancing until dawn, and jumping into outdoor fountains to end the party” ( citation ). Gatsby also attends and hosts many parties. People came to perform and it is always a crazy party. They are also alike because they both lose a girl because they are not rich enough at the time. In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby says, “ ‘she only married you because I was poor,” (Fitzgerald p130). This is the exact same reason why Zelda refuses to marry Scott. Scott and Gatsby are extremely alike because some things in his life is portrayed through the character,

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