How Does Education Change Australia

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Education is one of the crucial social institutions that is required for society to run smoothly. By studying education through time Sociologists can learn about trends in youth behaviour and how they compare to the different levels of education in youth. All social institutions are linked, with education being associated with measures of wellbeing such as economic participation, income, health and crime Therefore, it is important to understand how education is changing for youth and how this will impact other social institutions such as work and family. Education can vary by age and through families, youth and across the world. Education can vary by age as a child, at least in the Western World, will still be at Primary School whereas someone …show more content…

You are given a ranking when completing Year 12 called the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) which is used when applying for university courses. This is used by tertiary admissions centres to compare students from Australia when they apply for tertiary places. It is based on the overall academic achievement of an individual. There is a higher priority due to universities providing with the knowledge and skills needed to finish with a degree which will benefit your chances of gaining full-time employment. Employers value an individual with a university degree as they appear experienced in their field of work. For example, nurses must study for a few years at university to learn all of their bedside skills that they will use when employed in a hospital or doctor’s office. The Australian government launched the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) in 1989 to allow students coming from a poorer socioeconomic background to attend university and pay back their fees at a later date. This gives these students an opportunity to get a university degree despite coming from a family with a low socioeconomic background. Students from a disadvantaged financial background can also apply for the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) through VTAC when applying for universities. 

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Now it is seen as more of a priority to be in university or TAFE after high school to use the degree or qualification to assist in finding full-time employment after studying. Technology has allowed students to use laptops or tablets in classrooms. This teaches students important technological skills from a young age. Typewriters would have been used previously or there would have been a low number of technologies available to students. Methods of discipline have also changed in Australian schools. Corporal punishment was used as a form of discipline in schools almost 30 years ago, negatively impacting students. Methods of discipline used in schools today include detention, suspension and

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