How Does George Kill Lennie Right From Wrong

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Everyone lives in danger of dying at any time, why would anyone want to make the chances higher by allowing other people to kill them when they are sad,sick,depressed and vulnerable? In the story Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the main character Lennie kills the boss's sons wife and didn't know right from wrong. Everyone on the Ranch wanted Lennie dead which led to the other main character George to think the only way to save Lennie was to kill him himself. Furthermore, this novel is showing the characters thought it was the only way, but really they could've kept a(n) life and could've taught him right from wrong. Life is important and everyone's life can be improved no matter how bad it may seem. In the novel George felt as if he had to kill Lennie because of what everyone else was saying, but …show more content…

Towards the beginning of the story George helped Lennie get away when he did something bad. In the end of the story George lied to the men Lennie went south, so he could buy time with Lennie. He soon found Lennie and talked with him, George could've given him the chance to run away and tell the men he couldn't find him. For example Lennie made a mistake in the beginning with a different girl and George found a way out of it, it states, “We run. They was looking for us but they didn't catch us” (Steinbeck 7). This is showing that they got away and still got a job without the boss knowing their past. There was still hope and a good chance of being able to help Lennie. Another part of the story helped determine Lennie's fate and that was when all the men wanted Candy’s dog dead, it states, “That stench hangs around even after it's gone...He

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