How Does George's Previous Actions Support His Final Action

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What will be going over is Did Georges previous actions support his final action or does it seem out of character? Whos is George disobeying or obeying when he kills Lennie? Who has he put at risk? In Mice of Men George and Lennie are best friends in the book Mice of Men and George takes care of Lennie. The thing that is covered is George’s obedience, and throughout the novel George is very obedient, by George watching over Lennie after aunt clara told him too, and to obeying the rules of the farm, either way George is very obedient “I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you”. This shows that george is obedient to aunt Clara and Lennie. What others might think is true before reading this novel is that George is very …show more content…

George killed Lennie to save his life pretty much cause if Lennie didn’t die then they would both have to run away again and it would ruin George’s life cause he just got to this ranch and has everything planned out when they get enough money, and is feeling happy. Everyone on the ranch wanted to kill Lennie and they all knew it was the right thing to do. Lennie just keep doing things wrong and just messing everything up for everyone by killing the dog, and then the biggest thing he did was killing Curley’s wife. A different topic sentence for this could be does George disobey aunt Clara when he kills Lennie? George put a lot of people at …show more content…

Before George killed Lennie, Lennie had gotten in a fight with Curley and Lennie accidentally broke Curley’s hand and they lied to the boss and said he got it caught in the machine, if the boss found out about this then Curley would have gotten fired. George also put Candy at risk because Candy said he would help with the money of the new little place that him, Lennie and George were going to get, if anyone found out about this then more people would want to join and if more people joined it would create destruction of the plan and what they wanted to do. George was put Slim at risk because Slim knew about all of the stuff that George, Lennie, and Candy were going to do and if anyone found out about this and told the boss then they all would probably have been fired or beat up by other workers there cause they were not able to do this, this also shows how hard it was in the great depression and what people had to do for

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