How Does Huxley Present The Theme Of Security And Surveillance In Brave New World

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In the book, Brave New World written by author Aldous Huxley back in 1932 had many themes that he had basically predicted to happen in today’s day and age. One of these topics is the enhanced but also abundant use of security/surveillance. Plenty of times in Brave New World Huxley talks about how security/surveillance work in his made up society. The idea of being able to control and see what is going on in the society at a very high level. Relates to the high intensity of the security/surveillance levels that we have in today’s day and age. Although we may not yet realize how upbeat our surveillance has become Huxley back in 1932 already knew that our security levels were going to skyrocket. In his book, Huxley illustrates “five hundred …show more content…

It sounds pretty scary when the government can overhear conversations were having over our phones and also see almost everything that’s going on in this country. To think that Huxley knew this kind of control would be present in today's society is creepy considering this book was written way back in the year 1932. I think Huxley is presenting a social issue with the way our government is looking at security today and how much control that they really have over us. In Huxley’s book, he explains how the world state has control over everyone by emphasizing “science is dangerous; we have to keep it most carefully chained and muzzled” (Huxley 225). At this part of the book, the Mustapha Mond who basically runs the place is talking about keeping science a secret from the people so they don’t figure out how he’s controlling everyone. His science has kept people from exploring different areas outside of the world state that could harm his people but also the science conditions everyone to a certain job in their society. He conditions the people of the world state so that no one lashes out and causes any chaos. So, in a sense, the Mustapha Mond has high tabs on everyone in the world state and everything that they do. If we think about our government today, they have the capabilities to have all eyes and ears on us at all times. According to Adam Weinstein, the government was able to pull daily records of people’s phone calls from Verizon through there top secret program since 2006 and has been doing this ever since they could. Our gov. has the power to see our phone calls, emails, texts, and nowadays our social media with ease. After the Patriot Act was passed our security has been an absolute top priority and it's becoming a social problem. Tons of people have been complaining that we have no privacy anymore and that big brother is watching our every

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