1984 Invasion Of Privacy Essay

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Of course everyone has had their privacy invaded at least once or twice before, and it isn’t very pleasant. When privacy is invaded, the feeling of security leaves and uneasiness seeps in. Being aware of what’s being done and what will be done soon comes into play because there’s an uncertainty of whether privacy will be invaded again or not. Orwell’s 1984 reveals the effects of the invasion of one’s privacy, because the citizens of Oceania don’t have any feelings, no individuality, and their minds are very destructed. These effects show how invasion of privacy is very important because everyone should have the right to feel, have the right to express, and shouldn’t have their minds destructed unknowingly. Feelings are something …show more content…

Oceania likes for their “citizens” to be all the same, no uniqueness, no specialties. The only difference between the between the citizens of Oceania that shows differentiation is the color of their uniforms. “A smallish, frail figure, the meagerness of his body merely emphasized by the blue overalls which were the uniform of the Party (page 2).” The Outer Party members wear blue overalls while the Inner Party members wear black. The main purpose for the different uniform colors is to distinct who is who in society. Make up is a one way for a woman, or a man, to express themselves on their face. In 1984 it says, “She must of slipped into some shop in the proletarian quarters and bought herself a complete set of makeup materials...He had never before seen or imagined a woman of the Party with cosmetics on her face (page 142).” People who live in the proletarian quarter are viewed as “animals” and they have the right to do almost anything they want, so so for Winston to assume that Julia got the cosmetics from that part of town, shows that expression is viewed as the animal-like thing to do. Also individuality is so scarce in Oceania, that most citizens have never even heard of

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