Persuasive Essay On Surveillance Society

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The Surveillance Society

In the article, The Surveillance Society, by David Von Drehle, talks about the privacy of today’s society. It is said that “Privacy is mostly an illusion.”, because in our world today, there is hardly any privacy left at all. Today’s society is being watched everywhere they go and everything they do along the way. A surveillance society is a society where you are constantly being watched in every step that you do in life. Ranging from text messages to your credit card purchases. The National Security Agency are the ones who collect all the data from their resources. According to a video, Britain Pushes For Mass Surveillance Society, talks about the intense and numerous amounts of cameras watching people in Britain …show more content…

According to the video, Britain is number one society being watched. They have about two million CCTV cameras watching over people on everything they do and following them everywhere they go. These people are being recorded at all times and invading their privacy as well. “The government wants to monitor all electronic communication as well including social media taking surveillance to a level never seen before.” The government is advancing technology that an anti-terror spy plan is watching everyone 's emails and texts in addition of cameras. All data stored in Britain is only stored in a surveillance operation for a year so it is not kept forever. “This is the first step towards the government taking control of the internet.” In other words, whatever you type or say or search on your phone is recorded by the government. They will be able to find out when you make a phone call, who that person is on the other side, and your exact location at the time of your call. Finally, all the two million CCTV cameras are not being put to watch everyone for free. Apparently, the people being watched are the ones that are paying for the cameras. “Cyber security experts predict it’ll cost taxpayers over a billion dollars to be spied on.” As a result, the government is making the people pay to be watched even those who do not agree in a surveillance

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