How Does Lawrence Make Decisions In Romeo And Juliet

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Considering a decision without thinking can lead to unforeseen, life-altering events. Impulsivity, or acting without rational thought, can result in regrettable words and actions. In Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence and Lord Capulet both made hasty decisions without considering the potential consequences. Despite being aware of Romeo and Juliet's recent meeting and their families' longstanding feud, Friar Lawrence hastily married them without considering the potential outcomes. Similarly, Lord Capulet's impatience led him to move Juliet and Paris' wedding to an earlier date. This illustrates how emotions can impact impulsive thinking. Throughout Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare illustrates how the impulsivity of both Friar Lawrence and …show more content…

Juliet seeks to avoid these arrangements as a result of Lord Capulet's intention for her to wed Paris. While Paris thinks she has been sobbing for her dead cousin Tybalt, she has actually been grieving over Romeo's exile. Paris never even gets the chance to speak to his potential wife, which says a lot about Capulet's choice. He initially thinks she should wait because she is too young, but he eventually decides to be married without talking to Juliet. He disregards her emotions and even goes so far as to threaten to disown her. Juliet also treats Paris disrespectfully and doesn't like him very much. She only wants Romeo, thus she does not see him as a potential husband. While getting ready for the wedding, Lord Capulet learns that Juliet has consented to the union. Lord Capulet decides to move the wedding forward a day out of pure enthusiasm he shouts. "Send for the County. Go tell him of this. / I'll have this knot knit up tomorrow morning" ( Due to Juliet's response to the wedding, Lord Capulet changes the wedding to a day earlier. Without thinking or discussing with Juliet, Paris, or Friar, Capulet makes a quick decision. Again, he does not consult with Juliet and asks her what he feels, because he does what benefits him. Lord Capulet displays narcissistic traits because he only cares about what would benefit his family, but not the others around him. For example, when switching the day of his daughter's wedding, he did not consider how it would affect Juilet, Paris, Friar, or the people setting up for the wedding. Furthermore, he sabotaged Friar's plan for Juliet to cancel the planned wedding. Without even realizing it, he contributed to his daughter's death as a result of his rash thinking. Overall, Lord Capulet's rapid thinking resulted in Romeo and Juliet's tragic deaths. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet, caused by Friar Lawrence and Lord Capulet's rash

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