How Does Media Affect Body Image

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Does the media cause poor body image? This is a very important question I plan to answer during this essay. However, there are other questions we need to answer first, such as, what is body image, how important is body image, and how does the media portray body image, to fully understand the role the media has regarding this topic. What is body image? According to Webster’s Medical Dictionary body image is, “a subjective picture of one's own physical appearance established both by self-observation and by noting the reactions of others.” (Body Image, n.d.). What this means is it is a picture in our mind of what our “ideal” body should look like and what our body looks like. This picture changes based on observations that we make and reactions of others that we notice. Since body image is a picture in our mind it is not always tied to reality. If you have poor body image you could look like a supermodel, but feel that you are ugly or you could be thin, but feel that you are fat. On the other hand, if you have good body image, you could be overweight and still feel sexy and confident. How important is body image? Since body image has to do with how we perceive our bodies, it is very important since it can affect not …show more content… has a list of things you can do about the media’s effect,
1. If you come across media that makes you feel bad about your body, do something about it. Write a letter to the advertiser telling them how their ads make you feel.
2. Also write a letter to any advertiser that you think is sending a positive message thanking them for their courage to send positive, affirming messages.
3. Make a list of companies who consistently send negative body image messages and make a conscious effort to avoid buying their products. Write them a letter explaining why you are using your "buying power" to protest their

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