How Does Media Affect Cultural Development

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Television Cinema and Music has become a daily leisure activity for the majority of people in today’s world. This effects people’s minds and therefore progressively impacts cultural development in both positive and negative aspects. As previously mentioned when discussing the print media, Gatekeeping, agenda setting and norm setting are also used within the visual media.
Television provides information around the world in a matter seconds. Broadcasted programs provide people with information on subjects such as how different people live, their cultures, and their lifestyles. Aspects such as different foods and religions are commonly seen on documentary channels. Programmes of this nature assist individuals to develop and broaden their culture.
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Constant or frequent negative portrayal of these minority groups can lead to a continuing distorted perspective and fuel discrimination and further stereotyping. Positive views are commonly ignored by the media. Viewers or readers who have a relatively little knowledge or personal contact with these minority groups residing in our country tend to be easily led by the media.

Therefore the media can be seen as a prime source in educating the public about minority groups. Due to the broad coverage of media topics in which the media reports on, there is minimum research carried out on discrimination or racism. These topics often become ignored or even criticized by the media. The media have previously addressed such arguments as been exaggerated or ridiculous.
Research on American news programmes have discovered that African –Americans are implicated as suspects far more than the reality of these crimes been committed. A high percentage of these crimes portrayed white people as victims, while blacks where implicated as the suspects. Analysis revealed that these reports lasted significantly longer when a coloured individual was labelled as the

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