The Effects Of Sugarcane

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The mass production of sugarcane had multiple effects on the American society, some of which were beneficial for the society while others caused issues and problems. Sugar became a new ingredient for daily uses, a way to earn money, caused an increase in slavery, and issues with the economy and environment. Overall, whether the outweighed effect was beneficial or harmful, the effect was a major impact on the American society.

One effect sugar had on American society was its use as an ingredient. In the text it states, “...over the centuries it’s been a medicine, a spice, a symbol of royalty, and an instrument of disease, addiction, and oppression.” ( Testere, 1). This means that sugar became useful in ways of healing and symbolism. This relates
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In the text it states, “ ...over half a million African slaves are shipped to Brazil and other New World colonies to work on sugar plantations.” (Testere, 3). This quote means that more slaves are being used because people are wanting more sugar to be created. This connects to the claim by explaining the effect sugar has on the society and how more work is needed. In the text it also says, “ … The slave trade was a major factor in the expansion of the sugar industries. … The growing demand for and production of sugar created the plantation economy in the New World…” (Shah, 7). This means that sugar industries really depended on slaves to work on plantations in order to give them the amount sugar they want. This connects to the…show more content…
In the text it states, “The Mediterranean sugar industry collapses.” ( Testere, 2). This quotes means that the sugar industry collapsed because so many people wanted sugar and the industry ran out of its product. This relates to the claim by supporting how the society’s need for sugar became such a big issue and caused the mass production of sugar to run out so quickly. In the text it also says, “...issues, such as economics, human rights, slavery, environmental issues, health, consumerism issues and so on...hidden costs and impacts to society.” ( Shah 2). This means that not only did sugar cause issues on industries but on people and the environment. Sugar was soon found out to cause health problems and consumerism issues. Human rights were questioned as well when slavery increased and they were forced to work on sugar plantations. Issues with sugar seemed to outweigh the benefits, so was sugar’s effects worth it on American society or was it all for the
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