How Does Technology Change Diplomacy

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Mid-Term Examination
How Technology Will Change The Practice of Diplomacy?
I. Introduction
In this globalization era we live in, sophisticated technology keeps rapidly growing and always bring new innovations in all sectors in our daily life. Specifically, in the practice of diplomacy nowadays, technology plays a role as one of the most important factors in making and strengthening relations between states. In the scope of International Relations, technology is used as a tool of communication between states in negotiating and achieving their national interests, in developing peace between states, and also in solving conflicts. By the development of technology that keeps rapidly growing, the practice of diplomacy will be affected and various changes may be occurred in the practice. How technology will influence and change the practice of diplomacy? What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology towards the practice of diplomacy? And Will the modern diplomacy supported by technology will be effective? The more detailed explanation will be discussed further in this paper.
II. Content
The change of the practice of diplomacy nowadays with the effect of technology can be seen as there are several fundamental changes to the nature of diplomacy. The most important change of the nature of diplomacy is the shift in balance from government-to-government diplomacy to people-to-people diplomacy (Aharoni, 2015). In this globalization era, it can be seen that the nation states

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