How Does The Giver Influence The Theme Of Memory And Character Development

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In The Giver by Lois Lowry, it is shown that Jonas’ character development throughout the novel influences the theme of memories being essential to understand human nature in several ways. For instance, this idea can be supported on page 160 when Jonas whispered to Gabriel at night about memories. He told Gabriel, even though he was asleep, that things could possibly change with memories such as love, colors, and grandparents. He just knew there could be a way for the community to be different. Along with that, Jonas secretly finds a way to comfort Gabriel at night with memories. To link back, this reveals how Jonas’ character development influences the theme of memories because Jonas is beginning to consider that memories are needed for people …show more content…

He said they have no memories, and it’s the way they live. Jonas realizes that this is not right and the memories have to be shared. To connect back, this instance in the story implies how character development inspired the theme because Jonas is now perceiving that memories are required for the people of the community to truly acknowledge things. Before this, Jonas had never really taken the idea of release too seriously, but the more memories he acquired, the more he gained a better understanding. Additionally, on page 194, Jonas and the giver discussed the importance of memories and came up with a plan for Jonas to escape the community. Doing this would cause all the memories transmitted to him to return to the people. Jonas reluctantly agreed with their plan and said that he would do it. Circling back, this example links to the main topic because Jonas has finally recognized the true significance of memories being a part of people’s lives in the community. He has taken this realization to a whole new level and come up with a plan, which shows that the theme has fully developed at this

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