How Does Water Affect The Everglades

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The water supply has a big effect on the Everglades whether it’s good or bad. The water in it is used by animals and 7 million people in Florida. There is a lot of history about the Everglades and its water. Many changes has happened to the Everglades over the years. The water has been polluted by sugarcane factories and many people want to restore it. If the water is polluted even more that can create a big problem. Without the Everglades water supply, the Everglades won’t ever be the same.
Many people that lived in the everglades wanted to get rid of the water. They considered it useless swamps. In 1905-1910 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers decided to use the Everglade’s water to supply water to cities. They thought at first this was a great idea until they realized the Everglades was nearly entirely drained. “Some people tried to defend and preserve the Everglades. In 1934, Congress designated the Everglades as a National park and in 1974 the park officially opened.” –Past and Present: The Florida everglades by Tobey Haskell. Although making the Everglades a National Park helped, there are still some problems like the sugarcane factories. …show more content…

“The Everglades is host to 440,000 acres of sugar cane. As the demand for the sugarcane increases, more land is needed for planting, which means less land is available to support life” –Can we Fix the Water Supply? By Caleb Hughes. That’s not the only problem. Sugarcane factories also pollute the Everglades’ water. The fertilizer used for the sugarcane releases chemicals such as nitrogen and phosphorus into the water of the everglades. These chemicals contaminate and lessen the water supply in the Everglades. Many people want to help replenish the water supply in the

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