Burmese Python's Impact On The Everglades

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Burmese Pythons
Burmese pythons have a large number of sharp, strong, curved teeth. They have long bodies that can strangle their prey. Burmese pythons have invaded Florida’s Everglades. These snakes are very vicious, and they have no known predators. These pythons will tear their way through the Everglades. They don’t belong in Florida, and they are taking over the Everglades. The presence of the invasive Burmese pythons, has a negative impact on the population of other animals in the Everglades.
Burmese pythons have beautiful scales. They are also huge. Burmese pythons can grow up to twenty-three feet, and two hundred pounds. Their size fits their appetite. These pythons eat small birds and mammals. Burmese pythons also multiply very quickly. They have large bodies that they use to squeeze their prey. Their curved teeth keeps the python’s prey from escaping their grasp. …show more content…

Florida has the Python Challenge, which has people from all over the nation coming to hunt these pythons. The Python Challenge was made to bring awareness to the problem. The people who started the challenge want to take the pythons captured to scientists. The scientists need the snakes to be alive to do research on them. (Paragraph 7), “Scientists have not found any way of eliminating invasive constrictor snakes once they become established in the wild.” The scientists want to be able to educate people about these snakes, so they can find out how to solve the problem.
The invasive Burmese pythons, are negatively impacting the population of other animals in the Everglades. These pythons do not belong in Florida. With them around, Florida’s small mammals and birds living in the Everglades will be gone for good. There are people trying to bring attention the problem, but it’s not helping the python population go down at all. If there is nothing being done about this python problem, then there will not be any more animals left in the

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