How Has Technology Changed Our Life

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Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born.“ - Alan Kay In today’s society, we have a group of people who face a challenging time living without the aid of technology. People described technologies as changing their life by making it easy and fun. Over the past twenty years, technology is changing the way we live our life, and social networking allows people to connect with strangers across the world. Our interactions with people have changed because social media are changing the way we communicate with our friends, parents, siblings, and relatives. As of today, the influence of technologies and social media gives a negative effect on people due to changes in their lives; how technology has evolved, how social media gives people obsession, and how experiences can influence people’s decision making. Technologies have developed rapidly through the years, influencing people to change their lives. Back in the past, people had limited technologies to communicate, such as telephones, radios, and letters, as compared to present day,…show more content…
I have experience with technology in living in a rural and urban area because of growing up with no technology and no knowledge. For instance, living in an urban area with little access to technology, which helps me focus on school and had no distractions. In comparison, when living in a rural area, there was more access to technology and social media. I can see the difference how this could affect the way I live in both situations. Another example is a friend who posts pictures of her daily life on social media. I feel like she posts those pictures to gain attention and to self-promote herself. In my opinion, social media have changed because of people posting about their lives on social media, which they want others to see their accomplishment. I learn that people will never be the same because they have expectations to grab a
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